The radical left wields immense cultural power in America. When a conservative crosses them, intentionally or otherwise, they are met with a volley of vile leftist hatred. The left ruthlessly tracks down any information about the conservatives, job, friends, family and attempts to cancel them. The left views the loss of livelihood and relationships and the price of dissent.

That’s what happened to conservative journalist Amber Athey.

After Athey made a joke about Vice President Kamala Harris’ outfit at last year’s State of the Union, enraged leftists harassed her employer, a local radio station in Washington D.C. into firing her.

Athey views her experience as just one more piece of evidence that the right needs to fight the left on the same battlefield and cancel them.

“I feel like if all of the cultural signals are that employers and society respond to cancellation attempts, then I don’t see any reason why conservatives shouldn’t try to wield that same power,” Athey says. “. I don’t think it’s too far for conservatives to do the same thing back and show them this is the logical conclusion of the societal culture that you’ve created.”

Athey joins the show to talk about how conservatives should fight back against cancel culture, and how the left wields its cultural power.


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