The Pioneer Institute is out with a new book, “Hands-On Achievement: Massachusetts’ National Model Vocational-Technical Schools,” which finds that vocational-technical high schools have lower dropout rates and on-par test scores with traditional high schools.

The Boston-based think tank also makes the case that these high-performing schools in Massachusetts should serve as a national model, both to address the student loan crisis and a shortage of skilled labor in America.

Joining us on “The Daily Signal Podcast” are Jamie Gass, Pioneer Institute’s director of the Center for School Reform, and David Ferreira, a former vocational-technical school administrator and teacher who edited “Hands-On Achievement.”

On today’s show, we also cover these stories:

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tells lawmakers she expects inflation to remain high.
  • The Department of Homeland Security warns Americans that there is a heightened threat environment for political violence
  • Three major TV networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—plan to air a congressional hearing hosted by the Jan. 6 committee in primetime.

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