How would you feel if your business forced you to do something based solely on your race? For some minority lawyers, that’s a reality.

Racial preferences from clients take minority lawyers away from cases they’d prefer to work on, all to fulfill a quota.

GianCarlo Canaparo, a legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation (of which The Daily Signal is the news outlet), says that this can lead to mismatches in what a lawyer wants to do, and what he or she is forced to do. In some cases, that can lead to minority lawyers leaving their firms, exacerbating the problem.

“[Law firms] may pull a minority associate off cases that he or she wants to work on and put them on these matters, sometimes against their will, just so that they can fulfill these quotas,” Canaparo explains.

Canaparo joins the show to talk about racial preferences and how they affect the careers of minority lawyers.

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