Civics education has become a flashpoint in American politics. Many schools are asking how students should learn about themselves and their country in a way that fully encompasses American history, both good and bad.

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen recently updated the state’s standards for social studies to better teach students about civics and the things they need to know to be a good American citizen.

When asked what she hopes Montana’s students are getting out of their civics education, Arntzen responded, “That our country is a great country. … We did not want a king … And I believe that’s where our Republic is and our Republic is founded. That yes, there are symbols that have come across from monuments, from our flag, and our Pledge of Allegiance and all of that. And I believe all of those parts are to be honored.”

Arntzen joins the show to talk about those changes to the social studies standards, as well as offer insight on how other states can do better with their civics education standards.

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