It’s Election Day in Virginia, and no issue has captured the attention of voters in the Old Dominion more than education.

Battles between school boards and frustrated parents have attracted national attention, and led to a close race for governor.

Ian Prior, a Loudoun County, Virginia, father and executive director of parents-based grassroots organization Fight for Schools, feels the enthusiasm that parents engaged in their children’s education are bringing to the election.

“Parents have this burning fire inside of them to protect their children, and it’s almost a bit of a hero’s journey, like Joseph Campbell, where they have really risen to the occasion and have found skills and strength within them that they may not have known that they’ve had, and that is really what this movement is about,” he says. “It’s about parents that have found that inner strength and are willing to put it all on the line.”

Prior joins the show to discuss how education took center stage in the race, and implications for parents’ rights in their child’s education.

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