Commentator Deroy Murdock, besides being a Fox News regular and a contributing editor at National Review Online, is a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Murdock joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share his journey to conservatism, how he got started in journalism, and what he thinks conservatives can do better to reach the black community.


“I think the primary thing that conservatives need to do to reach black Americans is make the effort,” Murdock says, adding:

I think that there is a certain hesitancy to do so. I don’t think it’s malicious. I just think there’s a sense pretty well among white conservatives, [of] ‘Well, we don’t know what to say to them and we don’t know quite the language and maybe there’ll be upset.’

The best thing to do is knock on the doors, go to the black churches, go to the black businesses, go to the black schools, whatever it is, and talk about these ideas and why they’re good for America and why they’re good for black Americans.

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