Freshman Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville doesn’t appear bothered by criticism from those who say his blocking of military promotions over a Defense Department policy relating to abortion funding is “unprecedented.”

“I don’t care what they say. I was an elected senator from the state of Alabama,” says Tuberville, who won his Senate seat in November 2020.

“Again, if I was affecting readiness … I do truly believe in our military and the things that we knew to be prepared. We’re as prepared now as we were last March, when I started this. It’s not affecting readiness at all,” Tuberville says, adding:

I’ve had military personnel call me. I’ve had veterans. I had a letter from 5,000 veterans that said, “We’re all behind you, Coach. Keep on doing this. We do not need a woke military.”

Tuberville joins today’s episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss why he’s against the Defense Department policy on abortion and his subsequent efforts to block military promotions; whether he has spoken with anyone at the Pentagon about the policy; and Title IX as it relates to biological males taking part in girls’ and women’s athletics.

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