Bianca Stanescu’s daughter, Selina, competes in high school track. But transgender athletes are now competing with Selina as well–and it could affect her future in the sport, as well as whether she’s seen by college recruiters. Plus: Jennifer Bryson, founder of Let All Play, discusses how biological males playing sports puts women at greater risk of injury.

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  1. Joe D. Lincoln

    So, … do these biological males still have the old twig and berries?

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    • April 9, 2019, at 7:46 AM PDT
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  2. LibertyDefender Member

    This is an important topic.

    • @4:35: … we’ll talk to a mom whose high school daughter is affected by transgender athletes entering the track sport;
    • @5:05: … a high school daughter who plays track;
    • @19:30 … as frequent listeners of this show know, I don’t know anything about sports.

    These interviews would surely have been more informative if they had been conducted by someone who actually knows how the track sport is played.

    Mrs. Stanescu implied that her daughter competes at the highest level of high school competition in her state. That is elite competition. Each meet – particularly elite meets such as state championship meets, where every competitor is competing at a high level – provides an opportunity for an athlete to improve her performance. That’s important. It’s also important to know that the marginal improvements at elite levels of competition are generally not large. Just a few tenths of a second might separate first place from seventh place among sprinters.

    The attitude of the high school and state athletic directors that no harm is done by males competing against females because no girls are denied opportunity to compete is wrong on two levels: first, the concept of “opportunity” is nearly irrelevant. If the only measurement is “opportunity,” then there should be no scoring of individual track meets – the opportunity to participate is all that matters, evidently. Further, there should be no regional and state meets where competitors are required to attain a qualifying time or distance – by definition, those who fail to qualify are denied the opportunity to compete. Second, the males who are competing as females are certainly taking from the girls their opportunities (1) to compete in further elite track meets, such as the New England Championships that Mrs. Stanescu mentioned, and of course the females are being hampered, if not outright denied opportunities to acquire scholarships to compete at the college level.

    Perhaps the Daily Signal could ask (the fairJessica Gavora to host more podcasts on this subject. Ms. Gavora is very well informed on women’s athletics and also Title IX.

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    • April 10, 2019, at 3:15 PM PDT
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