The town of Lahaina, Hawaii, looks like it’s been “bombed,” The Daily Signal’s Tony Kinnett says after visiting fire-devastated areas on the island of Maui.


Kinnett, investigative columnist for The Daily Signal, spent five days on the ground in Lahaina and elsewhere on Maui. Where government officials have failed, he says, locals have stepped up to serve the needs of the community.


“The locals are universally angry at the federal response,” Kinnett said, and “it’s very common for individuals to have already given thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars out of their bank accounts to complete strangers in order to help compensate them for this incredible loss.”


Kinnett joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss what is known about how the devastating wildfires started on Maui, residents’ frustration with government officials’ response, and how President Joe Biden was received Monday on the island.


Enjoy the show!

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