Much has been made of grabbing the coveted youth vote. America’s future lies in her young people, so theoretically, whoever influences the young now will be in a much better position to steer the country.

But politicians often seem to look at young Americans as some sort of alien species. What do they like? What matters to them? How do I get them on my side?

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, now president of Young America’s Foundation, argues that young folks aren’t that much different than your average voter and mostly have the same concerns.

“Young Americans still have to put gas in their car, their moped, or whatever they’re driving these days,” says Walker, emphasizing that the economic pain hitting older Americans also affects young Americans.

“If anything, I think [young Americans are] more libertarian than they are liberal, in the sense that at their core, they just want to live their own lives,” he says.

When asked whether he thinks Republicans and conservatives can court young Americans who feel betrayed by the Democrats and President Joe Biden, Walker responds:

I think there are others who are less about hardcore right- or left-wing ideological viewpoints being upset and more just being upset in general. I do think there’s a tremendous opportunity. But it can’t just be that we’re against Joe Biden.

Instead, Walker says, conservatives should make the argument for “a better way forward.”

The former Wisconsin governor joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” today to discuss what young Americans are looking for in their leaders and how conservatives can best continue to court younger Americans.

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