“Israel is a country who cherishes life,” Yael Eckstein says, “and our enemies know that.”


Those enemies use that fact as a tool against Israel, adds Eckstein, president and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, who is today’s guest on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”


Hamas killed 1,300 Israelis and took hostage about 200 “elderly, babies, children, women, [and] handicapped” in its surpise attack Oct. 7 on Israel, she says, and the situation is “unfathomable.”


“Even ISIS didn’t do things like this,” Eckstein says, adding that when Hamas describes its aim as “to wipe Israel off the map and kill every man, woman and child, we have to take that seriously.”


Speaking as a wife, mother, and Christian ministry leader living in Israel, Eckstein explains that Israelis are living in a paradox right now.


“On one hand, we are as broken as I can ever remember the people of Israel being. And on the other hand, we are stronger than we’ve ever been,” she says on the podcast.


On the podcast, Eckstein describes the work in Israel of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, as well as Israel’s response to the surprise terrorist attack by Hamas.


Learn more about the Internationals Fellowship of Christians and Jews here: https://www.ifcj.org/


Enjoy the show!



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