Can a civilization survive without faith? It’s a question many Americans are considering as a wave of secularism sweeps the nation.

There are those that push back against the idea that faith and religion should be involved in the political process. They point to the establishment clause in the Constitution that prevents the government from establishing a religion as evidence the Founders wanted to keep religion separate from the apparatus of state.

Eric Metaxas, a Christian author and host of “The Eric Metaxas Show,” disagrees.

“I think that the Founders knew that a robust faith was at the very heart of keeping the republic. There was no question about that,” Metaxas says. “I think the misunderstanding that we’ve been living with for decades now, that somehow we’re supposed to keep our faith out of the public square, is utterly preposterous.”

Metaxas joins the show to discuss the role of faith in society and whether America can survive if she loses her faith heritage.

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