COVID-19 vaccine mandates are wreaking havoc across the country as employees are forced to get vaccinated or possibly risk losing their jobs. Employees’ religion-based objections to vaccination are clashing with those mandates, and often, the mandate wins out.

Hunter Creger was suspended from his job at a Colorado-based spacecraft launch service after he refused the vaccine on religious grounds.

“It was awful,” Creger explains. “These are people that I work for, and that I’ve developed a relationship with, and they’re telling me that … . They walked me out the door. They had security walk me out the door because I didn’t want to take the shot.”

Creger joins the show to share his story and to offer advice to others who find themselves in circumstances similar to his.

We also cover these stories:

  • The Biden administration insists that mandating COVID-19 vaccines and testing for employees of larger companies is necessary to keep the public safe.
  • Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, signs legislation amending state law to make it more difficult for Illinoisans to refuse to be vaccinated.
  • Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra refuses to address GOP accusations that he violated federal conscience protections and worked at “the behest of the abortion lobby.”


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