Public education in New York City is far from what it once was, Ian Rowe, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says.

“I had a great public school education in New York City kindergarten through 12th grade,” Rowe says.

But today, he says, New York City’s public schools aren’t meeting the needs of students. He notes that in the South Bronx, for example, “only 2%” of students who started ninth grade in 2015 graduated from high school “ready for college.”

Different factors contributed to this decline, but with students struggling to read and do basic math, Rowe says, ideologies such as critical race theory serve only as a “distraction.”

In 2022, Rowe says, he plans to launch Vertex Partnership Academies in the Bronx, a network of charter-based international baccalaureate high schools.

Rowe joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss why he promotes school choice options in New York and to explain why critical race theory doesn’t benefit students.

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