“Average” is not the adjective that comes to mind when talking about an American who took a religious freedom case all the way to the Supreme Court, but football coach Joe Kennedy says he identified with the word.

“I’ve always looked at myself actually [as] below average,” Kennedy says. “I really had no idea that God was going to take my life in this way, in this path.”

In his new book, “Average Joe: The Coach Joe Kennedy Story,” Kennedy explains how his simple commitment to God to take a knee in silent prayer on the 50-yard line after the high school football games he coached landed him at the center of one of the largest religious freedom cases in recent historyKennedy v. Bremerton, Wash., School District. It was decided in his favor 6-3 by the Supreme Court on June 27, 2022.

“If you could take a schmuck like me and change the path of the nation as far as religious freedom and the First Amendment goes, imagine what [God] could do with some other people,” the coach says.

Kennedy joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his new book and to explain why he chose to take a stand for religious freedom and why he left coaching shortly after his Supreme Court victory.

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