More and more, it seems big corporations and even banks have become tools of the left.

Americans have been fired from their jobs, deplatformed from social media, and have even seen their bank accounts closed, simply for not bending a knee to the left. This has prompted many conservatives to rethink where they spend and invest their money.

John Coleman, a managing partner of Sovereign’s Capital, a values-driven private equity and venture capital firm, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss a more thoughtful way of investing in the age of “woke corporatism.”

“You’ve got this dynamic where progressives are much more likely to actually act on their political or cultural beliefs against a company than conservatives are,” says Coleman. “And so, we’ve ended up in a situation where if you’re a public company, those who hold more progressive values have much greater sway on what you are going to do, because you suffer the consequences more [directly] if you don’t listen to that voice.”

Enjoy the show!


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