Ph.D. biologist Colin Wright is publicly inviting the Southern Poverty Law Center to debate him on the subject of what the SPLC calls “anti-LGBTQ+ pseudoscience,” specifically on the transgender issue.


The SPLC released a 41,000-word report claiming that “the controversy over trans health care is manufactured to reinforce both white supremacy and the political goals of the Christian Right.” The report claims to reveal “anti-LGBTQ+ pseudoscience,” but it does not seriously address the concerns of critics of the transgender movement.


The report mentions Wright, a Manhattan Institute fellow, as part of the movement pushing “pseudoscience.”


“It’s almost not really worth responding to,” Wright tells “The Daily Signal Podcast” of the SPLC report. “It is such a poor, poorly put together document, riddled with typos.”


“Most importantly, it justs makes all these accusations that I’m peddling ‘pseudoscience,’ that type of thing,” he adds. “It doesn’t engage with any of the actual arguments and the substance of what I’m saying, or what anyone else mentioned in the report is saying. There’s not really anything to respond to.”


He calls the report “completely ridiculous.”


“It’s purely just a smear piece,” Wright says. “They just want to garner attention and stir outrage.”


Enjoy the show!


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