Nearly 54 years since civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, his words still resound across our nation and his legacy has influenced millions.


If alive today, how would King encourage us to tackle the renewed racial tensions America faces? And what would he have to say about divisive ideologies such as critical race theory?


As an ordained Baptist pastor and firm believer in Jesus Christ, King would oppose critical race theory because it “was socially engineered by Marxists and socialists, by people who don’t believe in God,” says Alveda King, one of his nieces.


Her uncle’s message to the nation would remain centered on the Gospel of Christ because his desire was to see America “serve God [and] serve others,” Alveda King says.


King, a pro-life leader who is founder of Speak for Life, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to reflect on her uncle’s legacy and address some of the greatest issues facing America today.


Enjoy the show!


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