On today’s show we get into the heart of the testimony from former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, especially the part about how she didn’t have any first-hand knowledge. Also, the Democrats are starting to worry about the impact their lack of having anyone who actually witnessed anything themselves is having on public opinion, how the media went crazy for a supposedly conservative radio host who was allegedly fired for being anti-Trump but the truth is something else, and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick showed once again why he doesn’t deserve a job in the NFL.
With week 2 of impeachment hearings underway, will Democrats finally call a witness who can testify to something they saw or heard themselves, or will it continue to be a game of third-hand telephone? Democrats are starting to voice concerns that the public will soon lose interest in impeachment if they don’t deliver something concrete from anyone with direct knowledge. We get into the absurdity of it all.
A radio host the media billed as conservative was fired mid-show on Saturday because, reports said, he was criticizing President Trump. The story went viral in the liberal media, and Brian Stelter had him on CNN to discuss it. It would’ve been a compelling story, were it true. It wasn’t, any of it. We have the audio and the story.
Colin Kaepernick was given yet another chance with the NFL and refused to show up to a workout set up specifically for him. Why? We have some ideas.

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