On today’s podcast we get into the New Hampshire primary and ask the important question: Will Democrats be able to count this time? Also, leading Democrats embrace crazy on their last day of campaigning, Bloomberg’s past comes back to bite him again, and media clowns make fools of themselves again.

New Hampshire votes today, and the odds are high that, unlike Iowa, we’ll know who won tonight. We analyze the latest polls, including who is likely to drop out after a poor showing.

On the last days of campaigning before voting, Bernie Sanders plainly said the party has no place for pro-life people and Joe Biden called for ridding society of all plastics. Will crazy pay off? We have the audio and get into it.

Michael Bloomberg’s past is coming back to haunt him again. This time, audio surfaced of him defending “stop and frisk,” citing data about how over-policing black neighborhoods lowers crime. We have the audio and explain why that won’t fly with Democrat voters.

And we have some audio of the “journalists” making fools of themselves, lacking a basic understanding of how our government works.

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