On today’s show we get into why ABC News refused to run a story exposing Democratic Party pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when the reporter say they had it. We also talk about the latest supposed “revelation” in the Ukraine story, how the US should respond to the massacre in Mexico, Joe Biden is taking swipes at his primary competition, and a murder over a chicken sandwich.

ABC News had the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s depravity, according to reporter Amy Robach, but refused to run it. The comments, caught on an open mic, created a really bad day for ABC News, as the network tried to claim they didn’t have enough verification to run the story. But they’ve run stories of sexual depravity and allegations of sexual assault with much less, even zero evidence against Brett Kavanaugh. Why the hesitation now? We explore some possibilities.

Democrats have what they think is another pies of the impeachment pie, but it’s really just another dud. The US ambassador the European Union made additions to his testimony the media is portraying as another bombshell. But even a casual examination of them show there’s no “there” there, again. We explain.American citizens slaughtered by a drug cartel in Mexico and the Mexican President doesn’t seem to care or have any plan beyond hippie platitudes to deal with it. What should the US response be? We have some ideas.

Joe Biden is sinking in the polls, which is forcing him to change his campaign strategy of coasting to the nomination on his name recognition. So he’s taking swipes at his fellow top tier candidates. Is it already too late?

And what is happening to the country when a man kills another man because he cut in line to buy a chicken sandwich? It happened in Maryland, and it’s a sad commentary on where we are as a nation.

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