On today’s show we get into the story of national security advisor John Bolton leaving the White House and how the media obsessed over whether he quit or was fired. We also cover the special election in North Carolina; how media outlets are still pushing CNN’s debunked Russian spy story; Beto O’Rourke thinks people drive up to 3 hours each way to work minimum wage jobs; and schools are removing discipline for disruptive students.

Was John Bolton fired or did he quit? Who outside of Washington and New York cares? Does it even matter? It doesn’t, and we explain why.

Speaking of not mattering, the media was all excited about the special election in North Carolina, pretending it was a referendum on Donald Trump. Once it was over, and the Republican won, the hopes of every liberal journalist were dashed and the story reverted back to one seat, that won’t decide control of the House, not mattering. It never did. We explain why and why liberals tried to pretend it did.

Beto O’Rourke came from money, married even more money, so when he talks about poverty he’s speaking about something he knows nothing about. That was on display at a recent campaign event where he talked about the need to herd everyone, rich and poor, into cities for the environment. He also thinks people drive up to 3 hours each way to work minimum wage jobs. You have to hear the audio to believe it.

Schools in California are moving to end suspensions for anyone disruptive or defiant of teachers through the 8th grade. We get into how this is a horrible and destructive idea.

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