On today’s podcast we talk about how President Donald Trump is telling Democrats to either hold a vote of the full House to open an impeachment inquiry, or get bent when it comes to any more cooperation from the White House. Plus, Robert Mueller may have committed perjury when he testified before Congress. The NBA continues to bow to China, even tossing pro-freedom fans out of a preseason game in Philadelphia, of all places. And Ellen DeGeneres angered liberals by sitting next to former President George W. Bush at a football game, but George W. Bush didn’t anger conservatives for sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres. There’s a reason for that, we get into where intolerance and hatred lives on the political spectrum.

Trump is daring Democrats to go on record in favor of an impeachment inquiry, announcing his administration will not be cooperating with the Congressional investigations unless an official “on the record” vote is held. Democrats have said they support the investigation, but that’s a far cry from being on the record voting for it. Nancy Pelosi has avoided this to spare vulnerable Democrats the electoral headache, but the President may be forcing her hand. We explain why that’s a danger and why the White House is so emboldened.

Robert Mueller may have committed perjury when he testified before Congress. He denied he interviewed for the job of FBI director, but new reports suggest that he did. We have the audio and the story.

The NBA is still bowing to Beijing over silencing support for pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong. While the owner of the Brooklyn Nets was singing the praises of the Chinese communist government on social media, the Philadelphia 76ers were tossing out fans from a preseason game for supporting freedom for Hong Kong. In Philadelphia, of all places! We get into the absurdity and unAmerican aspects of all of it.

Finally, Ellen DeGeneres caught a lot of hell from liberals for having fun at a Dallas Cowboys game with George W. Bush. Ellen then addressed the absurdity of the outrage in a viral video. After her video took off, CNN’s Chris Cillizza took a perfectly good call for getting along, no matter what your politics are, and spun it into an attack on President Trump. We rip him and the angry mob apart, like they deserve.

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