On today’s show, we get into just how humorless liberals have become thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Simpsons try to be relevant again and fail miserably, a media story about an illegal alien and breast feeding falls apart, a no-name former Congressman considers mounting a primary challenge against the President, a liberal magazine laments poor people eating well and living longer, and sugar is now racist.

President Trump made an obvious and funny joke about wanting to award himself the Congressional Medal of Honor during a speech to a veteran’s organization, but you’d never know it by the media coverage of it. Even though the crowd laughed, so-called journalists didn’t get it. They took it seriously because liberals have killed humor, at least in themselves. Even the Simpsons tried to make fun of the President in a video they released and failed miserably. We discuss how leftists have ruined comedy.

Earlier this month, the media was excited about the story of an illegal immigrant woman who complained the ICE raid that arrested her had taken her away from her nursing baby. Turns out that, even though the story was widely reported, it wasn’t true. But it was too good to fact check. Now that woman is facing charges for stealing an American’s Social Security number. We get into it.

The name Joe Walsh probably makes you think of the Eagles, but it’s also the name of a former one-term Congressman who is considering challenging President Trump in the Republican primary. It won’t be a challenge, as the current radio host doesn’t stand a change, but then he could be this year’s Evan McMullin. We explain.

The Economist is upset that poor people are eating meat, which will cause them to live healthier and longer lives, because of climate change, and the New York Times declares sugar to be racist, because why not?

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