On today’s show we get into how a CNN story about a spy that was extracted from Russia because of Trump was actually pulled out because of the media, according to the New York Times. Also, a Washington Post columnist wonders what the point of his work is if Trump remains in office; social justice warriors set their sights on museums next; a disgraced #MeToo journalist’s attempted comeback hits a bump in the road; Kamala Harris panders to the left on criminal justice issues; and saying, “guys,” to a group of people is declared problematic.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto had himself a scoop — an American spy in Russia had to be pulled because the intelligence community was afraid the president would out them. It was a blockbuster that other outlets immediately reported. Then the New York Times poured cold water all over it. CNN’s bombshell turned into another bomb. This didn’t phase Sciutto or CNN. We have the story.

Max Boot writes for the Washington Post, and no one cares. The columnist has been on a personal jihad against President Donald Trump, and now he’s doubting whether his constant stream of anti-Trump screeds is having an impact. They aren’t. We get into it.

You’d think the definition of the word “museum” would be set, but you’d be wrong. Social justice warriors are aiming to change the very definition of the word to co-opt museums into their cause, and it will likely happen. We explain.

Kamala Harris has a plan for criminal justice reform, and it doesn’t seem to care too much for victims. We have the story.

And “Now This News” declares the term “guys” to be part of the patriarchy, and therefore must be destroyed. Seriously.

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