On today’s show we examine the media’s new favorite pastime — pearl-clutching.

Special Cousel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians who’ll never show up to face the charges and, perhaps more importantly, to examine the evidence against them. The Democratic National Committee’s servers, which these people are accused of hacking, have disappeared and were never inspected by the FBI. There is little chance these charges, were they challenged in court, would ever stand up. But Mueller played it safe by only going after people who’ll never be in court to demand to see the evidence against them. Pretty convenient.

Journalists have been accusing the president of putting journalists in danger by criticizing them, but have no problem with their colleagues and paid cable contributors calling the president a Nazi who has set up concentration camps on the southern border. Double standards much? Also, the imprisoning and execution of journalists by Vladimir Putin long pre-dates Donald Trump becoming president, but you’d never know it by the way an ABC News host tried to tie the two together. John Bolton set him straight, and so do we.

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