On today’s show we get into the the conspiracy theories surrounding the apparent prison suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. Joe Biden gets confused on the campaign trail again and comes out in favor of welcoming 2 million more amnesty-seekers, an illegal alien kills a father of 5 in a car accident, Beto calls Trump voters racists, and people are getting sterilized because of climate change.

Was Jeffrey Epstein murdered? If so, who did it? If not, how incompetent is the prison that allowed him to kill himself? Conspiracy theories are flying, and rather than admit they don’t know anything yet, many media outlets are allowing craziness on the air. We cut through it all and bring some much needed levity.

Joe Biden told a crowd over the weekend that Parkland students came to visit him while he was Vice President to talk about gun violence. But the Parkland shooting took place in 2018, long after Biden left office. Is he making things up or losing his grip on reality? Is either answer good?

Biden also told a crowd the US could easily absorb 2 million more asylum seekers and increase the amount of legal immigrants we welcome every year. Rather than standing out from the herd of Democrats, everything he’s doing is causing himself to blend in. It’s a horrible strategy. We have all the audio and explain how this is a recipe for disaster for his chances.

A father of 5 was killed in Colorado when he was hit on his motorcycle by an illegal alien who’d been fighting deportation since 2011. Despite multiple run-ins with the law, he was still here, even receiving favorable coverage on CNN. It’s a tragic story that didn’t have to be.

Beto O’Rourke thinks you’re likely a racist if you vote for President Trump, and liberals tell why they’re not going to have children, with some going as far as to have themselves sterilized, because of the morality of bringing a child into a world ravaged by climate change. You can’t make this stuff up.

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