On today’s podcast we discuss the difference between the way the Tea Party was treated by the media compared to how the rioters are covered now. Ten years ago, the media would find the craziest person in a large group of literally peaceful people and present them as though they represented everyone in attendance, whereas now they proclaim a riotous mob to be “mostly peaceful” while members are smashing windows and attacking people. It’s like saying the Titanic’s journey across the Atlantic was “mostly uneventful,” but everyone just focuses on this one little part of it.
We also talk about how the long knives are out for Saints quarterback Drew Brees after he said he believes kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag. LeBron James, who bowed to the communist totalitarians in China when an NBA executive voiced support for Hong Kong protestors, was leading the charge. We have the tape and much more.

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