On today’s podcast we discuss how liberals in the UK went easy on a convicted terrorist and how the idea if “criminal justice reform” is really just coddling criminals at the expense of innocent people, on either side of the ocean. Plus, Michael Bloomberg supports taxation as a means of controlling the poor, and Newsweek fires a reporter for getting a story wrong, but said nothing about the layers of editors it would’ve had to go through to be published in the first place.

The terrorist knife attack in the UK that cost two people their lives was perpetrated by a terrorist previously convicted of plotting an attack who was released early from prison and given special permission to enter London. It’s a testament to how leftists are favoring perpetrators over victims. We get into it.

Some amazing audio of Michael Bloomberg has emerged from when he spoke at an IMF event last year where he comes out in favor of taxing the poor to control their behavior. It’s a shocking bit of audio, but it’s also a look into how progressives seek control and will use any means by which to gain it.

A reporter for Newsweek filed a prewritten story about how President Trump spent Thanksgiving playing golf and tweeting. The only problem was President Trump actually went to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving. The reporter was fired, but what about the editors who published it? They still have jobs.

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