On today’s show we dig into the first night of round two of the Democratic Party’s presidential debates. From the craziness of Marianne Williamson to semi-sane voices who warned about the party going so far left that they lose, the debate had it all.

If you were looking to have free stuff promised to you, last night’s debate was for you. Free health care, free college, free entry into the country … the only “free” that didn’t warrant a mention from anyone on the stage was individual freedom.

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren clashed with Rep. Tim Ryan and former Rep. John Delaney over how far left the party should go, while “Guru” Marianne Williamson talked about “dark psychic forces” and Pete Buttigieg bashed Christians for not raising the minimum wage.

It was so far left that even CNN and MSNBC hosts talked about how wildly unpopular many of the ideas being sold are with the general public.

For their part, 2 of the 3 moderators didn’t embarrass themselves. Don Lemon, the third, did extensively.

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