The show today is all about the lies of the left, particularly Congressman Adam Schiff and the media, in regards to the so-called whistleblower report that led Democrats down the impeachment rabbit hole.

What did Adam Schiff know and when did he know it? The answer he gives changes depending upon how much is known publicly at the time he is asked. His story has “evolved” over time, from he and his office had no contact with the whistleblower to his staff met with him before his complaint was filed and simply advised him to go file through official channels. Weirdly, however, Schiff was tweeting pretty much the contents of the complaint weeks before Congress was supposedly informed that it existed.

Nothing about Schiff’s story hold up to scrutiny, yet journalists are still carrying his water. At least those few journalists who’ve bothered to report on Schiff’s lies. Sam Stein of the Daily Beast was directly lied to by Schiff on national television, and yet Stein is defending Schiff and attacking conservatives.

Meanwhile, Democrats are desperate to distract and discredit the Department of Justice investigation into the origin Russia hoax. Coincidence? Nope. We have all the audio and analysis that blows this lid off this entire scam. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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