On today’s podcast we mark Veterans Day by revisiting two of our favorite interviews, which both happen to be with the same person: former Army Ranger, veteran of the war in Afghanistan, bestselling author, and current candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania Sean Parnell.
In September 2018, Sean Parnell came out with his first novel, “Man of War.” He’d already written the huge bestseller “Outlaw Platoon” about his 485 consecutive days of combat in the mountains of Afghanistan, where he commanded members of the 10th Mountain Division through that hell on Earth, and he’s made the transition to novel writing. We covered his book, his experience, and his story, as well as his thoughts on the state of the war on terror. It was a great interview with a very smart and interesting man.
Then, in September 2019, Sean returned with his second novel in his Eric Steele series of thrillers, “All Out War.” We find out about his writing process and pick his brain on the news of the day. Listen and you will see why we’re such fans of Sean’s.

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