On today’s show we cover the latest “scandal” liberals are trying to cook up for President Trump and how Joe Biden is not handling the new scrutiny very well. Democrats grill up a lot of steaks not long after lecturing on the impact of meat on the climate, Cory Booker supports decriminalizing willingly exposing someone to HIV, and the “Climate Strike” doomsday cult.

The media is desperately attempting to spin up a scandal for the President, this one involving Ukraine. What they’re not covering, what they’re not investigating, is whether any of the allegations against Joe Biden are true. Confused? We straighten it out.

In a double-whammy for Biden, a woman who questioned him at a candidate forum on LGBTQ issues in Iowa was upset he called her “sweetheart.” Yes, the “woke” set is that crazy. He also came out in support of prisoners being held in accordance with whatever gender they declare themselves, without question. Also, Cory Booker supports decriminalizing people who know they have HIV having sex with others without disclosing that fact. Yes, they’ve gone that crazy. We have the audio.

Just a few weeks ago, at the CNN town hall on climate change, several Democratic candidates talked about the environmental “problems” of people eating meat. This weekend, at a campaign event in Iowa, they helped cook up more than 10,000 steaks to raise money for the party. They all support “saving the planet,” but not at the expense of the bottom line, it seems.

Speakers at the “climate strike” have a very depressing view of the future. High school and college students are convinced the world will end in 12 years. In their speeches and questions, these millennials exposed just how brainwashed they’ve become. We have the unbelievable audio.

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