On today’s show we cover the liberal rewriting of the history of the Soviet Union to put communism in a favorable light. We also cover how hockey legend Don Cherry was fired for offending the liberal mob by saying “you people,” San Francisco elects a district attorney who pledged to not enforce a bunch of laws, Mayor Pete comes out in favor of the military paying to sex-reassignment surgery, and the bad news keeps coming for Kamala Harris.

The history of the Cold War has been written, but now it’s being rewritten by liberals to be more sympathetic to the Soviet Union. There’s a reason for that, we explain it.

Hockey legend Don Cherry was fired from Hockey Night in Canada for saying the words “you people” in reference to immigrants to our neighbors to the north. Yes, seriously. But was what Cherry said bad, or even wrong? We have the audio and expose how the left-wing mob, who just reelected a Prime Minister who regularly wore blackface, wanted Cherry’s scalp and why they really got it.

The new district attorney in San Francisco has an interesting past: cop killing parents, raised by terrorists, translator for a corrupt socialist dictator. Now he’s pledging to not enforce a bunch of laws, which is the exact opposite of what the job is supposed to be. We have the story.

On Veterans Day, Mayor Pete Buttigieg came out in support of the military paying for sex-reassignment surgery for transgender military personnel and wants to loosen restrictions on soldiers with HIV. Weird priorities. We get into it.Self-proclaimed “top-tier candidate” Kamala Harris is now polling at just 1 percent in New Hampshire. How much longer can her campaign survive?

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