On today’s podcast we cover Nancy Pelosi’s concern that the 2020 candidates are too liberal for non-coastal America. Also, Elizabeth Warren is promising only to raised taxes on billionaires, the left-wing mob goes on anti-police tirade in New York, polls show support for impeachment, and the whistleblower offers to answer questions in writing.

Nancy Pelosi is a liberal as they come, but even she is smart enough to recognize her party is moving so far to the left that there really isn’t any way an eventual nominee can move back anywhere near the center of politics. That means, she fears, outside of the coasts, their candidate will have zero appeal. We get into what she said and why she’s right.

Elizabeth Warren finally released her plan to pay for her wildly expensive socialized medicine plan, but how honest is it? She says she’ll only raise taxes on billionaires to cover the costs. Her math does not add up. We dig into it.

Radicals in New York went on a rampage in New York over the weekend to protest police and arresting people who hop the turnstiles and not pay fares to ride the city’s subway. It was the exact type of display of crazy that Nancy Pelosi is hoping the public won’t see.

And the whistleblower is now sort of willing to testify, but only in writing. That’s not good enough. We get into why.

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