On today’s show we discuss the upcoming 7-hour town hall CNN is hosting with 10 candidates on climate change and the allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar is dating a married man she’s not related to. Also, we get into the 5th reported rape of an underage girl by an illegal alien in one Maryland sanctuary county, and the abomination that is “meatless” meat.

Liberals decried waterboarding as torture. But CNN and 10 of the Democrats running for president are set to impose a fate worse than having water poured up your nose, a fate worse than death, on their small audience: 7 hours of Democratic candidates talking about climate change. Next Wednesday from 5 p.m. EST until midnight, CNN will be nothing but Democrats talking about how they need to increase the size and power of the federal government in order to save the planet. We get into it and talk about why the DNC isn’t crazy about single issue debates.

Rep. Ilhan Omar was named “the other woman” in a divorce case in Washington. Her alleged new boyfriend has made a small fortune off of her campaign, which presents another potential problem for her. In addition to all that, Omar has a penchant for lecturing in support of progressive policies on the basis of “morality.” Breaking up a family doesn’t seem particularly moral, does it? We discuss.

There have been 5 instances of alleged rape of underage girls in Montgomery County, Maryland, by illegal aliens this month, yet none have received national media attention. Why? Because Montgomery County is a sanctuary county, and neither the government there, nor the liberal media want to draw attention to them because of Democrats’ support for open borders. We do want to discuss it, because people need to know.

Finally, there has been a rash of fast-food chains introducing meatless versions of their classic food. Can we stop calling things that aren’t chicken or beef “meatless chicken” or “beef”? If a vegan is so desperate for chicken or beef they should eat chicken or beef.

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