On today’s podcast we get into the just how crazy MSNBC has gotten this week, as the network becomes fully consumed by their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Plus, a Democratic Congressman puts out a list of Trump donors in his district, hoping to shame private citizens for disagreeing with him politically.

MSNBC has been a lost cause for some time now, but they’ve completely lost any grip on reality this week. From hosts wondering if the terrorist attack in El Paso could help Beto O’Rourke in the polls, to accusing the President of wanting to commit genocide, they’ve really out done themselves in the crazy department these last few days. One contributor even went so far as to suggest there were secret Nazi numerology messages hidden in President Trump’s ordering of the flags at the White House to fly at half-staff. You have to hear the clips to believe they’re real, and we award the gold, silver, and bronze medal to the craziest things to be broadcast on the network this week (so far).

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro from Texas, wanted to shame Trump donors in his district, so he tweeted a list of names of the people who’ve given the maximum to the President’s reelection campaign. He also listed their employers. Liberals spent the day justifying this potential hit-list for the liberal mob because, well, just because. Castro, after hours of justifying it to critics, deleted the tweet. We get into how inappropriate this is.

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