On today’s podcast we get into how out-of-touch Michael Bloomberg really is. We also get into how health care rationing actually works, Joe Biden calls illegal aliens “a gift,” ex-media darling Michael Avenatti is going to prison, and a left-wing nut job sings a song about trees.

Michael Bloomberg is richer than a lot of countries, which is a fact that makes him out-of-touch with reality. A video recently surfaced of the former New York City Mayor belittling farmers and factory workers, essentially saying a trained animal could do their jobs, but computer programers have brains. There was also video of Bloomberg saying sometimes people, especially old people, have to be cut off from health care to save money. We have all the audio and get into everything.

In an interview with Jorge Ramos, Joe Biden said illegal aliens were “a gift” and responsible for all the good in the economy. We have the audio and some thoughts on the subject.

Michael Avenatti was convicted of extortion and is facing up to 42 years in prison. We get into how the media created this monster and now want to pretend they had nothing to do with it. We explore it.

And a crazy leftist in Seattle was very upset that the city was allowing trees to be cut down, so she wrote and performed an insane song at a city council meeting about it. It’s as nuts as it seems and we have the song.

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