On today’s show we talk about how the joyless “woke” crowd is trying to suck all the fun out of life and kill comedy. We get into why a comedian won’t play college campuses anymore, a Washington Post columnist sees conspiracy in President Trump honoring a hero dog, Democrat win a lower court battle and think they won a war, pervert Bill Cosby speaks for the first time, NYC leftists protest police and enforcing the law, and Kamala Harris essentially calls for the destruction of the pharmaceutical industry.

Comedian and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson won’t play college campuses anymore because the “woke” crowd are too easily offended. Davidson said it’s not worth it because if you say the wrong thing they’ll hound you and damage your career and earnings.

But it’s not just the young social justice warriors ready to ruin everything. Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker attacked President Donald Trump for simply honoring the hero dog from the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Yes, she really did. We have both stories and the bigger story of how miserable liberalism makes people.

A federal court sided with Democrats against the Trump administration in trying to force former White House counsel to testify. Liberal media celebrated, but it’s essentially meaningless. It will be appealed, and the appeals will take time and could easily be overturned. But anything that can be portrayed as bad for Trump gets the media exited. We have the story.

Bill Cosby is likely to die in prison, and seems to deserve to. The convicted sex offender has no regrets and refuses to show any remorse, still proclaiming his innocence. Meanwhile, New York leftists are protesting police again for the mere act of enforcing the law, and Kamala Harris calls for the government to seize the patents of drug companies that refuse to accept her government price control scheme. So much crazy, so little time. We get into all of it.

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