On the show today we talk about how the Democratic Party leadership is in damage control mode, trying to walk back the call by Congresswoman Maxine Waters to harass anyone associated with President Donald Trump any time they’re spotted in public.

Senator Chuck Schumer took to the floor of the Senate to sort of denounce Waters, but qualified his statement with a dash of, “but they all have it coming,” and Nancy Pelosi sent a tweet sort of critical of Waters but really blaming Trump too.

While leadership was doing damage control, the media was doing more damage by rallying to Waters’ side, saying Republicans have it coming because they “made their choice” to work for the Trump administration. Reporters from NBC News and the New York Times defended kicking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of the Red Hen restaurant because, as one of them put it, “they comped her meal” and were very “polite” about it. We have the audio and much more.

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