We sift through the aftermath of the Mueller hearing and how liberals are desperately trying to spin their humiliating failure into a win. Also, the Chief of Law Enforcement Operations of Customs and Border Patrol blew up the story of the American citizen detained by ICE. And we talk with opinion editor of the Washington Times and Fox New contributor Charles Hurt about his new book, “Still Winning: Why America Went All In On Donald Trump-And Why We Must Do It Again.”
Liberals are coming to terms with the fact that not only did the Robert Mueller testimony not land the knock-out blow they were desperately hoping it would, but that he didn’t even land a punch. So how are they trying to spin it? By telling the American public they’re too stupid to understand the story.
Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) literally begged the American people to pay attention, and former Time magazine managing editor Richard Stengel said the media didn’t talk about the story in basic enough terms for people to understand. The problem for them and the rest of the Democrats is the people have been paying attention, close attention, and we saw through their lies. The emperor has no clothes, they have no credibility left. We have all the audio and analysis.
The media has been buzzing about an American citizen detained by ICE for 23 days at the border. The narrative is that President Trump is so out of control and such a racist that the government is just grabbing every Hispanic they see on the border. But Brian Hastings, Chief of Law Enforcement Operations for CBP, dropped some truth on the story. The 17-year-old at the heart of the story told Border Patrol told agents he was a citizen of Mexico, never mentioning he was an American citizen, and was caught with a group of illegal aliens. Virtually nothing about the story holds up to basic scrutiny, but none was done by the media before reporting it because it was too good to check. We have the audio.
Then we sat down with Fox News contributor and Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt about how he got his start in journalism, arriving in Detroit to see the city burning, and his new book “Still Winning.” We discuss how Trump won, how Democrats are going off the deep end, and the how and why Trump needs to win again.

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