On today’s show we discuss how the coverage of the Democrats’ impeachment hearings are predicated on the idea that the President of the United States doesn’t set foreign policy, unelected career bureaucrats do. Also, the New York Times runs a op-ed declaring clothing a threat to the planet, leftists demand Facebook censor political ads they don’t like, and the World Series Champion Washington Nationals went to the White House and some players even said nice things about President Trump, horrifying liberals.

There’s a common thread in the subtext of news stories about the release of a few transcripts from the Democrats’ secret impeachment hearings – that the bureaucrats were trying to do the “right thing” in regards to Ukrainian policy and the President wasn’t. Missing is any understanding of the fact that the President sets foreign policy for the country, not unelected administrators. We explain and expose it all.

Everything causes climate change, apparently. According to the New York Times, the latest culprit destroying the planet is clothing. Not the wearing of it, at least not yet, but the manufacture, material and transportation of it. How long till environmentalists are demanding everyone be nude?

Liberals have turned on Facebook because the social media site refuses to dictate content of political ads. But there’s a very good reason Facebook won’t declare itself a publisher and not a portal. We get into it.

The Washington Nationals went to the White House and were gracious, and some players were even supportive of President Trump. This, of course, upset liberals beyond belief. We have the story.

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