On today’s show we try to figure out exactly what liberals and Trump-hating Republicans wanted President Donald Trump to do in the press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, because they all appear to have lost their minds.

Did they want the president to arrest Putin, hit him, start yelling at him, what? They freaked out over the rhetoric Trump used against Kim Jong-Un, saying it was going to lead to nuclear war. Kim only has few nuclear bombs, Russia has thousands. It makes sense that they’d have to be approached differently, though you’d never know it if you watched the news last night or follow journalists on social media.

All this hyperventilating and calling the President of the United States a traitor and a “Putin puppet” and a Democratic member of Congress calling for a military coup is just to compensate for one thing neither of these groups can get over – Donald Trump won the presidency. He beat Hillary Clinton. The American people got to know her over 30 years in public life and were repelled at the prospect of her being president. They can’t accept that, and they hate Trump so much that they hype the idea that a few thousand dollars, some fake social media accounts, and leaked emails somehow overcame the candidate that had more money spent on her than any other candidate in human history. Now wonder they’re so damn miserable.

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