On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we get into the liberal freakout over “Queer Eye” host Karamo Brown calling Sean Spicer a “good guy.” The Obamas drop $15 million on a Martha’s Vineyard mansion, Bernie drops his $16.3 trillion “green new deal,” and the difference between socialism and “democratic socialism” is no difference at all. Plus, we look back at the week with Republican Senate veteran Brian Darling.

Barack and Michelle Obama are super-rich, and they’re buying a mansion to live among the super-rich. The former first couple dropped $15 million on an ocean front pad on Martha’s Vineyard, which seems odd if they really believe climate change is going to flood the coasts. We discuss how liberals freak out over any diplomats staying in a Trump hotel, like the cost of a room for a couple of nights is going to sway a multi-billionaire, but have no problem with Democrats making the GDP of a small country off their “public service.”

Bernie Sanders has a plan, his own “green new deal,” to create 20 million jobs and save the planet (and the Obamas’ new beach pad) for the mere cost of $16.3 trillion. What could go wrong?

Karamo Brown is part of the just-announced cast of the new season of “Dancing With The Stars.” The “Queer Eye” host made the unforgivable mistake of saying fellow cast member Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, was a “good guy.” Liberals are not allowed to say nice things about conservatives, especially conservatives associated with President Trump. The liberal mob lost their minds as a bunch of “blue checkmark” Gestapo members, who were mostly white, attacked the black gay host for wrong-think. We get into how insane they are and how they demand absolute purity of thought to remain a liberal in good standing.

Then we talk to MSNBC regular and long time Republican Hill staffer Brian Darling about the Democratic field and the media’s bad week of freakouts over obvious jokes the President told that they didn’t get.

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