On today’s podcast we get into the news that former President Barack Obama reportedly would speak out against socialist Bernie Sanders if it looks like he is going to win the nomination and he doesn’t think Joe Biden has what it takes to connect with voters. Also, Elizabeth Warren is sinking like a rock in the polls, Democrats announce round two for impeachment hearings, candidates abandon black and Latino supporters of charter schools, and the President pardons turkeys.

Barack Obama is reportedly not a fan of Bernie Sanders, or at least of his prospects of winning the presidency should he secure the nomination of the Democratic Party. If it were to look like Sanders were going to win, Obama is prepared to speak out against him in an attempt to prevent that from happening, according to a source close to the former President. Plus, Obama doesn’t seem to have much faith in his former Vice-President’s ability to connect with voters in a meaningful way. We have all the details and an explanation of why each makes sense.

Elizabeth Warren has lost half her national support in the latest Quinnipiac poll. We have a few ideas why the more voters see of the Massachusetts Senator the less they like her.House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is ready to start round two of the impeachment hearings, a desperate attempt to make the American public care. This round isn’t focusing gathering evidence, but on history and condescendingly explaining to the public why Democrats think Trump should be impeached, like the public just doesn’t understand. We explain why it won’t matter.

Democrats are caving to teachers unions by opposing charter schools, but charter schools are wildly popular with black and Hispanic voters. It’s the battle of two constituencies Democrats depend upon, but only one writes the big checks, so the unions win. Plus, President Trump had a really funny moment in the annual turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House. We get into all of it.

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  1. Bill R Member

    I expect Michelle to announce any day now.

    Just imagine the press coverage. She’ll be a combination of Oprah, Mother Theresa, Wonder Woman, Dolly Parton, and Dolly Madison. 

    Then all she has to do is keep to her talking points and make it clear that Barack will be her co-president.

    How could she lose?


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    • November 27, 2019, at 8:51 AM PST
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