On today’s podcast, we preview the likely reaction to the Inspector General’s report on the possible FISA abuses by the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign. We also talk about Chuck Todd’s latest hackery, and Joe Biden still doesn’t have a good answer for his son’s shady dealings in Ukraine.
The Inspector General’s report on possible FISA abuses into spying on the Trump campaign is due today and will likely lead to more questions than answers. Like past IG reports and the Mueller report, both left and right will likely cherry pick pieces that helps their preconceived notions and feeds the narratives they’ve constructed, but what the report actually says will fall somewhere in-between. The IG’s powers and goals are much different than anyone in the media has been building them up to be. We get into why and how the media is so horrible that the only way to learn what the report really says will be to read it for yourself.
On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Congressman Jerry Nadler one of the most absurd and politically biased questions he’s ever asked, which is saying something for him. We get into just how bad the media has gotten, and how they don’t even try to hide it anymore.
The scandal involving Hunter Biden making a fortune from a Ukrainian gas company while his father oversaw US policy toward Ukraine has been raging for months, and Joe Biden still has no good answers about how it came to be or even whether or not it was a conflict of interest. In an interview Sunday, Biden fumbled his way through another answer, saying he trusts his son. Can the country trust a man who trusts Hunter Biden? We get into all of it.

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