On today’s podcast we cover Hollywood Z-listers who want to bring back the blacklist for conservatives and tell you how to live your life. Journalists claimed two scalps from the Trump administration in recent days, destroying journalistic standards in the process. Joe Biden admits facts don’t matter to him, and Ilhan Omar’s husband is allegedly filing for divorce after reports of her affair went public.

Actors Eric McCormack and Debra Messing are longing for the days of Hollywood blacklists, only this time they want the names of conservatives. The “Will & Grace” stars embarrassed themselves on social media, first calling for a list of Trump supporters so they can refuse to work with them, then by trying to walk it back by denying what they said wasn’t really what they meant. Whoopi Goldberg, of all people, ripped them a new one over it.

Fellow Z-lister Alyssa Milano wants people to know that she’s “fighting” for them, even if they don’t want her to or support what she’s fighting for. It’s the arrogance, coupled with ignorance, of the Hollywood leftists that’s the most telling about these people. We get into all of it.

“Off the record” no longer means anything for journalists when there’s a conservative scalp to claim, and a Bloomberg reporter digs up a sarcastic Facebook post from a Trump administration official mocking anti-Semitism, reports it as if it were anti-Semitic and the guy loses his job over it. Liberals are not your friends. We explain it all.

Joe Biden doesn’t think the truth matters when it comes to his false stories and baldfaced lies. And he said as much on tape.

And Ilham Omar’s husband is allegedly ready to file for divorce after reports of her affair with a campaign consultant. At least this divorce won’t make the next family reunion awkward.

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  1. filmklassik Member

    Derek’s much too bright a guy to play the dumb, reactionary game of, “Such and such intolerant Progressive actor isn’t very talented — I’ve barely heard of him before — and he hasn’t done anything of note in years.”

    Reminds me of the line I’d see in the comments section of Breitbart back in the day whenever the name of a loudmouth liberal celebrity would come up. Inevitably, someone there could be counted on to make the same, tired, low-hanging-fruit joke:

    “So and so who?” As in (in this case): “Debra who?” Or “Eric who?”

    Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

    Must’ve seen that “joke” a million times, which only adds fuel to the fire that Conservatives lack a sense of humor. They don’t. And Derek is often quite witty and clever.

    But give me a break, Derek. You don’t have to diminish Messing and McCormack’s accomplishments just to make your point here. They may be a pair of clueless celebrity blowhards — make that toxic clueless celebrity blowhards (cancel culture is truly vile) — but let’s not pretend they haven’t worked steadily in an incredibly competitive industry since Will & Grace left the air.

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    • September 4, 2019, at 9:05 AM PDT
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  2. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    The left has been , intentionally in my opinion, blurring the timeline on Joe McCarthy for 65 years , he had absolutely nothing to do with Alger Hiss which happened three years or so before his Wheeling WV speech in 1950 that started the ‘McCarthy Era’ . After they and the press very successfully smeared his name and efforts they then worked backward and folded the 1940s Hollywood Ten and Alger Hiss in as McCarthy’s ‘victims’. He arrived in Washington as a brand new powerless Senator in Jan 1947. The other hero in nailing Hiss in addition to Whitaker Chambers was Richard Nixon which explains the white hot hatred the left/press had and still has for him. It took them over 25 years but they eventually got him for doing some of the same things and much less of them than JFK and LBJ had been doing for years. 

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    • September 4, 2019, at 2:58 PM PDT
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