On today’s podcast we get into an accidental bit of journal committed on MSNBC yesterday in an interview with Democratic Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro about his sending out a list of Trump donors in his district. And we dig into a monologue on Fox Business in support of gun control that fundamentally misunderstands where our rights come from and the role of government.

After tweeting out a list of donors to President Trump’s reelection campaign in his district, complete with where those people worked, Congressman Joaquin Castro found himself on the defensive on, of all places, Morning Joe. After a softball question from Mika Brzezinski, which wasn’t really a question as much as it was a cheer, Willie Geist pressed Castro on what he hoped to accomplish with the move. Did he want people to harass these citizens? After a week of insisting the President’s words inspired violence, and lectures on toning down rhetoric, the Morning Joe gang was taken aback by one of their own applying that standard to a Democrat. Plus, in a comic twist, some of the people on the Trump donor list Castro tried to shame have also given to him in the past. The audio is shocking, in more ways than one. We get into all of it.

Fox Business host Trish Regan came out strong for new gun control laws. Citing public opinion polls, she said the American people demand action. But our rights are not subjected to the whims of polls. They are also not granted by the Constitution, they are protected by it. This has been lost on the left, as they seek to use the power of government to limit the rights with which we were all born. We have Regan’s speech and refute it, point by point.

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