On the show today we get into how we finally find an issue liberals don’t want to politicize, but only because it makes them look bad. We also cover the horrors of socialized medicine, the cult of climate, the next CNN marathon town hall, and the Canadian Prime Minister has a brown- and blackface controversy ahead of their election.

We finally found a tragedy Democrats don’t want to exploit. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, after a week of avoiding it, has finally spoken out about the abortion doctor that operated in his town and had thousands of baby body parts in his house when he died. Buttigieg said he hopes this won’t be politicized, even though he and every other Democrat running have pounced on every tragedy involving a gun they could find, to advance their gun control agenda. When the tables are turned, suddenly they develop what they claim is decency. We have the audio and dig into the hypocrisy.

A labor activist is not happy with the National Health Service in the UK, and gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson a piece of his mind over the shoddy treatment his daughter has gotten in the hospital. But this is how socialized medicine works – everyone is treated equally…equally badly. We get into why.

While lunatic leftists pray to plants, young climate activists were testifying before Congress about how the world is coming to an end and how they lead lives of despair because of it. It’s sad how these children are being exploited and their childhoods stolen from them by progressive activists. We have the unbelievable audio and analysis.

CNN announced their next town hall with Democratic candidates, this one on LGBTQ issues. It’s another marathon, 4 1/2 hours. We preview it.

There’s another blackface controversy in politics, but this one is north of the border in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had pictures surface of him in both blackface and brown face. The liberal darling is facing reelection in a month, will any of this matter? We discuss.

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