On today’s podcast we get into Elizabeth Warren’s claim that Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn’t be elected president and we preview tonight’s Democratic debate. Also, we cover the problems at MSBNC with Chuck Todd’s failing ratings and the possibility of the network hiring Shepard Smith. Finally, the Oscar nominations are out, and they’re dominated by white people. Why is Hollywood so racist?
Did Bernie Sanders really tell Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t be elected president? She says he did, he denies it. There’s no way to prove either claim. It’s a sign of how desperate the Warren campaign is as her poll numbers continue to slip and voting in Iowa approaches. Should make for some fun moments in tonight’s debate.
Speaking of the debate, one person who won’t be there is Cory Booker. We explain why he was never a serious candidate and get into everything related to the Democrats’ infighting.
Chuck Todd is an anchor on MSNBC, he’s also an anchor on MSNBC’s ratings and the network is reportedly considering making some changes. Todd isn’t happy, but there are reports that they’re considering hiring former Fox News anchor Shep Smith to help. This has not worked in the past, someone switching networks and bring their audience with them, and there’s no reason to think it would work this time. We get into it.
The Oscar nominations are out, and liberals are upset that too many white people were chosen. They’re doubly upset that only men were nominated for best director. We discuss how Hollywood could be so racist and sexist.

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